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Using sections
To apply a specific page format to one section only, use the dialog box associated with the format,
such as the Page Setup dialog box. In the dialog box, look for the Apply To drop-down list. To apply
the format to the current section, choose This Section. That way, the format controls only the pages
in the current section.
For example, to change the page numbering as shown in Examples 1 and 2 from Figure 14-1 , follow
these general steps:
1. Set the page number for the first section.
Page numbering commands are found in Chapter 13 . If the first section isn’t to have page
numbering, don’t set a thing.
2. Create a new section at the page where you want the numbering style to change.
You need to make a Next Page type of section break, as covered earlier in this chapter.
3. In the new section, use the Page Number Format dialog box to set the new page numbering
style: Choose the Start At option to start new numbering in the current section.
4. Click OK.
The second section starts page numbering at the number and in the style you specified in Step 3.
To change page orientation in the middle of a document, shown in Example 3 in Figure 14-1 , obey
these general steps:
1. Move the toothpick cursor to the page where you desire the new orientation.
2. Create a Next Page section break, as covered earlier in this chapter.
3. Choose the new orientation from the Orientation button on the Page Layout tab, as covered
in Chapter 13 .
The document at this point has two sections: The initial section uses one orientation, and then the
last page has a different orientation. To set the rest of the document back to the original
orientation, continue with Step 4:
4. Create another Next Page section break.
The document now has three sections.
5. On the new (last) page of the document, restore the original orientation.
In the end, you have a document with three sections and two orientations, as shown in Example 3 in
Figure 14-1 .
Deleting a section break
A section break is just like a character in your document. To delete the break, you can use the
Backspace or Delete keys. For example: Position the insertion pointer just before the section break and
then press the Delete key.
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