Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Figure 14-2: Text in a header.
Add a page number
Page numbers are added by inserting a field into the header or footer. Yeah, I wish this trick were
easier, but that’s how Word does things. Rather than repeat information here, you should review
Chapter 23 on inserting fields into your document. The information there applies to headers and
footers, as well as to the document’s main text.
You don’t have to go to page 1 to insert a page number in a header. Word is smart enough
to place the proper number on the proper page, no matter where you’re editing the header in
your document.
Add the date and time
Unlike adding a page number, inserting a date or time field in the header is accomplished by using a
command button found on the Header & Footer Tools Design tab: Click the Date & Time button
found in the Insert group. The Date and Time dialog box appears. Choose a sample date or time
format from the Date and Time dialog box, and then click the OK button to insert that item into the
Add graphics
The Insert area in the Header & Footer Tools Design tab sports a Picture button, which you can use
to browse for graphical images that you can insert into the header. Of course, you can insert any
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