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graphical image by using Word’s various graphics and drawing commands. Refer to Chapter 22 for
tips and suggestions.
Working with multiple headers and footers
The header or footer you set is the same for every page in your document. Or is it? For example, this
book uses different headers for its odd and even pages. Or maybe you have a document where you
don’t want the header on the first page. All of that is possible, as long as you peruse the following
Odd and even headers and footers
To spice up your document with a different header and footer on the odd (left) and even (right)
pages, obey these steps:
1. Create a header or footer, as described elsewhere in this chapter.
You don’t really have to create a new header — just enter header or footer editing mode. As long
as you see the Header & Footer Tools Design tab, you’re in business.
2. Click the Design tab.
3. Place a check mark by the Different Odd & Even Pages box.
This step tells Word that you want two sets of headers — one for odd pages and one for even
pages. Notice how the tag identifying the header changes:
The tag tells you which header you’re editing; in this case, it’s the Odd Page header.
4. Create the header for the odd pages.
5. Click the Next button, found in the Navigation group on the Design tab.
Word displays the even page header, allowing you to create or edit its contents. The Header tag
changes to reflect which header you’re editing:
By the way, you click the Next button to move from the odd header to the even header. You must
click the Previous button to return to the odd header from the even header.
6. Click the Go To Footer button to edit the footer’s odd and even pages.
Edit the footer’s contents and click the Next button to ensure that you work on both the odd and
even footers (as you do in Steps 4 and 5 for the header).
7. Click the Close Header and Footer button when you’re done.
Removing the Odd/Even Header option is as simple as deselecting the Different Odd & Even Pages
option in the Options group (the opposite of Step 3). When you do that, the even-page header and
footer are deleted, leaving only the odd-page header and footer.
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