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Figure 15-2: Style Inspector.
Activate the inspector by clicking the Style Inspector button, such as the one found at the
bottom of the Styles task pane (refer to Figure 15-1 ) .
To really see the details of how your text is formatted, you need to witness the gruesome Reveal
Formatting task pane: Click the Reveal Formatting button in the Style Inspector (refer to Figure
15-2 ) or use the Shift+F1 keyboard shortcut.
The Reveal Formatting task pane shows the exact formatting applied to your document’s text. Click
any jot or tittle to expose the specifics. Choose a link in the task pane to summon the proper dialog
box to alter or remove a formatting tidbit.
Removing style formatting
Word doesn’t remove styles. Instead, the Normal style is simply reapplied to the text. Because many
Word users don’t understand or master the concept of styles, Word comes with the Clear Formatting
command. Though this command would seem to remove styles, it doesn’t; instead, it merely
replaces a given style with whatever formatting is specified in the Normal style.
The Clear Formatting command is found loitering in the Font group on the Home tab. Use
it to peel away stubborn style stains: Select the text you want to cleanse and click the Clear
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