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Formatting button. Whatever text you have selected is stripped of formatting by that command. Or any new
text you type is created using the Normal style.
See Chapter 10 for additional details on the Clear Formatting command.
Make Your Own Styles
Considering all the restaurants out there in the world, why would you be so foolhardy as to cook
your own food? The reason, I suppose, aside from home-cooked food being better and cheaper than
restaurant food, is that you prefer to do things yourself. It’s okay to be fussy, exacting. The same
sentiment holds true for using styles in Word: Some people desire to create their own styles.
Word offers two ways to craft your own, unique styles: Format your text a certain way, and then
base a new style on that text. Or build a style from scratch by using Word’s version of a formatting
style salad bar. This section covers the details.
Formatting and then making a style
The easiest way to make up a new style is to use all your formatting skills and power to format a
single paragraph just the way you like. Then create the style based on that formatted paragraph.
Here’s how:
1. Type and format a paragraph of text.
Choose the paragraph formatting and also any text formatting, such as size and font.
2. Mark your paragraph as a block.
See Chapter 6 to find out how to mark a block of text.
3. On the Home tab, in the Styles area, click the menu button to display the full Quick Styles
Refer to Figure 15-1 to find the button, as well as to see the full Quick Styles Gallery.
4. Choose the command Create a Style.
The Create New Style from Formatting dialog box appears.
5. In the Name box, type a short and descriptive name for your style.
Short, descriptive names work best — for example, proposal body for the main text of a
proposal, character dialog for the dialog part of a script, or signature line for the last
part of a letter.
6. Click the OK button to create the style.
The style is added to Word’s repertoire of styles for your document.
The style is created and it has also been applied to the paragraph you typed (in Step 1). You can now
use the style, applying it to other paragraphs in the document.
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