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5. Confirm that the key combination you chose isn’t already in use.
Refer to the text found below the Current Keys box. The text there explains which Word
command uses the key combination you’ve pressed. When you see [unassigned] , it means that
your key combination is good to go.
6. Click the Assign button.
7. Click the Close button.
The Customize Keyboard dialog box skulks away.
8. Click the OK button.
You can also close the Style task pane, if you’re done with it.
Congratulations! You now have a usable shortcut key for your style. Try it out: Position the insertion
pointer in a block of text and press the key. Ta-da! The style is applied instantly.
Also see the earlier sidebar, “The follow-me style,” for tips on automatically choosing one style after
Customizing the Style Gallery
The Style Gallery is handy, but only when you use those styles already stuck there. Word is
understanding, however, so you’re free to add any styles you like to the Style Gallery, or to remove them
from it.
To add a style to the Style Gallery, follow these steps:
1. Summon the Styles task pane.
Press the ungainly Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S key combination.
2. Right-click the style you want to add.
3. Choose the command Add to Style Gallery.
You can continue to add styles to the Style Gallery or close the Styles task pane.
To remove a style from the Style Gallery, right-click the style and choose the command Remove
from Style Gallery from the shortcut menu that appears.
If the style you want to add doesn’t show up, ensure that all styles are being shown in the
Styles task pane’s list. See the section “Locating styles,” earlier in this chapter, and ensure
that All Styles is displayed in the Styles task pane.
Deleting a style
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