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Colors: A set of colors is chosen to format the text foreground and background, any graphics
or design elements in the theme, plus hyperlinks.
Fonts: Two fonts are chosen as part of the theme — one for the heading styles and a second for
the body text.
Graphical effects: These effects are applied to any graphics or design elements in your
document. The effects can include 3-D, shading, gradation, drop shadows, and other design
Each of these elements is organized into a theme, given a name, and placed on the Design tab’s
Themes menu for easy application in your document.
Refer to the next section for information on applying a theme.
A professionally licensed, certified mentally stable graphics designer creates a theme’s fonts,
colors, and design effects so that they look good and work well together.
A theme doesn’t overrule styles chosen for a document. Instead, it accents those styles. The
theme may add color information, choose different fonts, or present various graphical elements.
Beyond that, it doesn’t change any styles applied to the text.
The graphical effects of a theme are only applied to any graphics in your document; the theme
doesn’t insert graphics into your text. See Chapter 22 for information on graphics in Word.
Choosing a theme affects your entire document all at once. To affect individual
paragraphs or bits of text, apply a style or format manually. Refer to Chapter 15 .
Applying a document theme
You choose a theme by using the Themes button found on the Design tab. Built-in themes are listed
along with any custom themes you’ve created. Figure 16-2 illustrates the Themes menu.
Each of the built-in themes controls all three major theme elements, changing your document’s
contents accordingly. Hovering the mouse pointer over a theme changes your document visually, which
is a way to preview the themes. Click on a theme to choose it.
Because a document can use only one theme at a time, choosing a new theme replaces the
current theme.
To remove a theme from your document, choose the Office theme or the menu command Reset
to Theme from Template (refer to Figure 16-2 ) .
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