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If you would rather change only one part of a theme, such as a document’s fonts, use
the Colors, Fonts, or Effects command button on the Design tab.
Figure 16-2: The Themes menu.
Modifying or creating a theme
You can’t create your own themes from scratch, but you can modify existing themes to make your
own, custom theme. You start by modifying existing theme colors and fonts:
To create a custom color theme, choose Colors Customize Colors. Use the Create New
Theme Colors dialog box to pick and choose which colors apply to text or various graphical
elements in your document.
To create a custom font theme, choose Fonts Customize Fonts. Use the Create New Theme
Fonts dialog box to select fonts — one for the headings and another for the body text.
In each case, give the new theme a name and save it. You can then choose that theme from the
Custom area of either the Colors or Fonts menu.
When you’re using a set of theme colors, fonts, and graphics styles — even if you didn’t create them
yourself but, rather, used them merely to organize your document — you can collect the various
elements as a theme: Choose Save Current Theme from the Theme menu, and use the dialog box to
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