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This part of the dialog box, shown in Figure 17-2 , is where all the AutoFormat options dwell.
Turning an option off or on is as easy as removing or adding a check mark.
The best way to demonstrate the AutoFormat-as-you-type concept is to have a Word document on
the screen and then type the examples in the following sections. Note that these samples
demonstrate only a few of the things AutoFormat can do.
When you find any of these tricks upsetting, see the later section, “Disabling the
@#$%&! AutoFormat.”
Smart quotes
The quote characters on the keyboard are tick marks: and . AutoFormat converts them into the
more stylish open and closed curly quotes. Type hither:
He said, “Yes, I’m being honest. I really do love
you, but the monster is coming and you broke your
ankle, and I figured that you’d understand.”
Both the single and double quotes are properly used and converted.
Real fractions
You can format a fraction by typing the first value in superscript, the slash mark, and then the
second value in subscript. Or you can let AutoFormat do it for you. Here’s an example:
I spend twice the time doing 1 2 the work.
The characters 1/2 are converted into the single character 1 2 . This trick works for some, but not all,
common fractions. When it doesn’t work, use the superscript/subscript trick described in Chapter 31 ,
in the section about building your own fractions.
Word can underline and activate hyperlinks that are typed in your document, such as
I’ve been to and back.
The website is automatically underlined, colored, and turned into an
active web page link for you. (You have to Ctrl+click to follow the link.)
You’re guessing wrong if you think that ordinals are a baseball team or a group of religious leaders.
They’re numbers that end in the letters st, nd, or rd, as this line demonstrates:
There were two of us in the race; I came in 1st
and Barbara came in 3rd.
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