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Keep typing until the list ends or you get angry, whichever comes first. To end the list, press the
Enter key again. That erases the final number and restores the paragraph formatting to Normal.
This trick also works for letters (and Roman numerals). Just start something with a
letter and a period, and Word picks up on the next line by suggesting the next letter in the
alphabet and another period.
Bulleted lists can also be created in this way: Start a line by typing an asterisk (*) and a space to
see what happens.
See Chapter 21 for more information on creating numbered or bulleted lists.
I tell you earlier in this topic not to press the Enter key twice to end a paragraph. That statement
still holds true: When you press Enter twice to end an AutoFormat list, Word sticks only one
Enter “character” into the text.
Borders (lines)
A line above or below a paragraph in Word is a border. Most folks call them lines, but they’re
borders in Word. Here’s how to whip out a few borders by using AutoFormat:
Typing three hyphens and pressing the Enter key causes Word to instantly transmute the three little
hyphens into a solid line that touches the left and right paragraph margins.
To create a double line, type three equal signs and press Enter.
To create a bold line, type three underlines and press Enter.
Refer to Chapter 18 for more information on borders and boxes around your text.
Undoing an AutoFormat
You have two quick ways to undo AutoFormatting. The first, obviously, is to press Ctrl+Z on the
keyboard, which is the Undo command. That’s easy.
You can also use the Lightning Bolt icon to undo AutoFormatting. Clicking the icon displays a
dropdown menu (see Figure 17-3 ) that you use to control the AutoFormat options as you type. Three
options are usually available: Undo what has been done, disable what has been done so that it never
happens again, and last, open the Control AutoFormat Options dialog box, which is covered in the
next section. Choose wisely.
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