Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Word’s Shading (background color) command affects the text background. Text color is applied
by using the Font Color command, which is covered in Chapter 10 .
Not all lines in Word are borders. A vertical red line in the left margin can be a sign that
something was changed on that line. Refer to Chapter 26 for more information on revision
Working the Borders command button
Word places its basic text decoration doodlings on the Borders command button menu, as
shown in the margin. It’s found in the Home tab’s Paragraph group. Clicking that button
immediately applies the indicated border to your text, or removes the borders, as is the case with the No
Border button.
The Border command button can also be used to display a menu full of border choices, as shown in
Figure 18-1 . Choosing a border from the menu not only applies that border to your text but also
changes the Border command button to reflect the new border style.
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