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The key to applying a background color is to first mark the text, such as a document title, as a block.
(See Chapter 6 for block-marking instructions.) Then choose a color from the Shading command
button’s menu. Or if the colors don’t suit you, choose the More Colors command from the menu and
conjure up your own, custom color.
To apply a gray background, you summon the Shading tab in the Borders and Shading dialog box.
Choose the gray scale percentage from the Style menu in the Patterns area. You can also choose a
pattern from that menu, though I recommend against patterns because they aren’t well suited for
shading text.
You can best apply background color to a page by using the Page Color command, described in
Chapter 13 .
To create white text on a black background, select the text and apply white as the text
foreground color (refer to Chapter 10 ) . Then from the Shading command button, choose black as
the background color.
Remove a background color by choosing No Color as the color.
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