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Anytime you need information in a grid, or in columns and rows, you’re better off
creating a table in Word than fussing with tabs and tab stops.
Rows in a table appear from left to right across the screen.
Columns in a table go up and down.
Each “cubbyhole” in a table is a cell.
Cells can have their own margins, text, and paragraph formats. You can even stick graphics into
Unlike when you work with tabs, Word tables can be resized and rearranged to fit your data.
Try doing that with tabs!
Working with tables in Word
A table is something you insert into your document, so Word’s Table commands are found on the
Ribbon’s Insert tab, in the aptly named Tables group. Only one button is in that group. Click that
button to see the Table menu, as shown in Figure 19-1 .
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