Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Figure 19-1: The Table menu.
The following sections describe how to use the menu, though here’s a quick overview:
1. Insert the table into your document.
Word offers various table-creating commands, all of which plop down a nice, blank empty table
for you to fill.
2. Add the table’s text.
Unlike at other times where it works best to first write your prose and then format it, I highly
recommend that you create the table first and then fill it with text.
3. Format the table.
The job of formatting takes place by using two special tabs that appear on the Ribbon: Design and
Layout. They both appear beneath the Table Tools label. Using these tabs is covered in the section
“Table Modification,” later in this chapter.
The formatting job also includes adding or removing rows or columns in the table. Again, it takes
place after the table is initially created and after you add text. The rest of this chapter explains the
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