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Figure 19-2: Creating a 4-by-3 table.
See the later section, “Text in Tables,” for filling in your table.
The right-brain approach to creating a table
When dialog boxes make more sense than using menus and graphical goobers, choose
the Insert Table command from the Table menu (refer to Figure 19-1 ) . Use the Insert Table
dialog box to manually enter the number of rows and columns you need. Click the OK button
to plop down your table.
The completely left-brain approach to creating a table
Free your mind from the constraints of conventionalism, clutch a crystal, and use the
mouse to draw a table inside your document: From the Table menu on the Insert tab, choose Draw
Table. The insertion pointer changes to a pencil, as shown in the margin. Drag the mouse to “draw”
the table’s outline in your document, as shown in Figure 19-3 .
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