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Merge cells
You can combine two or more cells in a table by simply erasing the line that separates
them. To do so, click the Eraser command button found in the Draw group on the Layout tab. The
mouse pointer changes to a bar of soap, but it’s supposed to be an eraser (shown in the margin). Use
that tool to erase lines in the table: Click a line and it’s gone.
Click the Eraser button again when you’re done merging.
To merge a clutch of cells, select them with the mouse, then click the Merge Cells
button in the Merge group found on the Layout tab.
Merging cells combines the cells’ contents, gluing together all the cells’ text.
You cannot remove the outside lines of the table. Those lines hold the table together, and
removing them would (theoretically) delete the table.
Split cells
To turn one cell into two, you simply draw a line, horizontally or vertically, through the
cell. Do so by clicking the Draw Table command button in the Draw group. The mouse pointer
changes to the pencil pointer, which you can use to draw new lines in the table.
Click the Draw Table button again to turn off this feature.
You can also split cells by selecting a single cell, and then choose the Split Cells command from the
merge group. Use the Split Cells dialog box to determine how to best mince up the cell.
Designing a table
The Table Tools Design tab is used to help you quickly (or slowly) format your table. The tab shows
up whenever the insertion pointer lies somewhere in a table’s realm. This section covers some
common table design tricks and tips you can pull by using the Table Tools Design tab.
Quickly apply styles
The Table Styles group can quickly apply formatting to any table. Choose a style or click the menu
button to see a smattering of styles. It’s easy work.
Set table line styles
The lines you see in a table’s grid are the same borders you can apply to text with the Border
command button, as discussed in Chapter 18 . The Borders group features lots of commands and options
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