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for creating borders in your table. For example, you can choose a line style and thickness and then
use the Border Painter button to apply that style to any line you click on inside the table.
Remove a table’s lines
Occasionally, you may want a table without any lines. For example, I typically use a 1-column,
2-row table to insert a picture and its caption into my text. To remove the table’s grid in that
situation and others, select the table and choose No Border from the Borders menu.
Having no lines (borders) in a table makes working with the table more difficult. The solution is to
show the table gridlines, which aren’t printed. To do that, select the table and choose the View
Gridlines command from the Borders menu.
Deleting a table
To utterly remove the table from your document, click the mouse inside the table and then choose
Delete Table from the Rows & Columns group on the Layout tab. The table is blown to
Yes, deleting the table deletes its contents as well.
If you’d rather merely convert the table’s contents into plain text, refer to the section “Turning a
table into plain text,” earlier in this chapter.
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