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Figure 20-1: The Columns menu and dialog box.
Use the Columns dialog box to create and design multiple columns for your document —
specifically, those not available on the Columns menu: Set the number of columns you want by using the
Number of Columns box. Use the Preview window to help determine how your page is formatted.
Click the OK button to apply the column format to your document.
Rather than use the cursor-movement keys to move the insertion pointer between
columns, use the mouse. Pointing and clicking in a column is easier than watching the insertion
pointer fly all over the page.
Choosing a column format from the Columns button menu affects the entire document, splitting
it (or reducing it) into the number of columns specified — that is, unless you split the document
into sections. In that case, the column type you chose affects only the current section. See
Chapter 14 for more information on sections in Word.
Use the Preview window in the Columns dialog box to get an idea of what the heck you’re
To have only a portion of your document use columns, refer to the section “Mixing column
formats in a document,” a little later in this chapter.
When you’re working with columns and notice that Word starts acting slow and
fussy, save your work!
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