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You can make specific column adjustments in the Width and Spacing area of the
Columns dialog box (refer to Figure 20-1 ) .
If you want an attractive line to appear between the columns of text, visit the Columns dialog
box and put a check mark in the Line Between box. You may not, however, find the line
between columns attractive.
The space between columns is the gutter. Word sets the width of the gutter at 0.5"
— half an inch. This amount of white space is pleasing to the eye without being too much of a
good thing.
Building a trifold brochure
The three-column text format works nicely on paper in Landscape mode. This method is how most
trifold brochures are created. Obey these steps:
1. Start a new document, or work with an existing document — if you’re so bold.
2. On the Page Layout tab, choose Landscape from the Orientation button.
The button is found in the Page Setup group.
3. From the Columns button, choose Three.
Your trifold brochure is effectively formatted. Three columns are evenly spaced across the page.
4. Optionally, visit the Columns dialog box to adjust the columns’ width and spacing.
This step works best when you have text in your document.
Refer to Chapter 13 for information on Landscape mode.
Mixing column formats in a document
Your whole document doesn’t have to sport just one column format. You can split things up so that
part of the document is in one column and another part is in two columns and then maybe another
part goes back to only one column. The secret is to use the Columns dialog box (refer to Figure
20-1 ).
When you’re choosing a new column format, be sure to select the Apply To drop-down list. When
you choose Whole Document, the format applies to the entire document. If you choose This Point
Forward, the new columns start at the insertion pointer’s location.
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