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Chapter 21
Lots of Lists
In This Chapter
Automatically bulleting or numbering text
Building a multilevel list
Numbering lines on a page
Adding a TOC to your document
Creating an index
Using footnotes and endnotes
A variety of information can lurk in your documents — stuff that I refer to as lists. Here’s my list of
these lists: lists of items noted with bullets (asterisks or dots) and lists of items that are numbered.
You can also consider a table of contents as a list, a list of document headings. A list of keywords in
your document is an index. And don’t forget academic lists, such as footnotes and endnotes. All these
lists are listed here, in this chapter of lists.
Lists with Bullets and Numbers
Whenever you have more than two items to describe in your document, consider creating a list. To
draw attention to such a list, to call it out from the rest of your text, you can try hanging indents, make
the first few words bold , or take advantage of the Word bullets and line numbering features, covered
in this section.
Making a bulleted list
In typesetting, a bullet is merely a graphical element, such as a ball or a dot, used to highlight items in
a list. The word bullet comes from the French word boulette, which has more to do with food than
with round pieces of lead quickly exiting a firearm, like this:
• Bang!
• Bang!
• Bang!
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