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paragraph numbering. To resume numbering, click the Numbering command button again, and the
paragraph numbering should continue from where it left off.
Creating a multilevel numbered list
The Multilevel List button, found in the Paragraph group on the Home tab, is used to
number a multileveled list, consisting of sublevels and indents, as shown in Figure 21-1 . It’s a tricky type
of list to create, so pay attention!
Figure 21-1: A multilevel list.
You can create a multilevel list from scratch, or you can apply the format to a selected block of text.
The secret is to use the Tab and Shift+Tab keys at the start of the paragraph to shuffle the paragraphs
higher and lower in the multilevel list hierarchy. It works like this:
Press the Tab key at the start of a paragraph to indent that paragraph to a deeper level in the
multilevel list format.
Press the Shift+Tab key combination at the start of a paragraph to unindent a paragraph to a
higher level in the multilevel list format.
Press the Enter key twice to end the list.
Also see Chapter 25 for information about Word’s Outline mode.
Numbering lines on a page
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