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The subentry further clarifies the main entry. The subentry is especially useful when the main
entry is a broad topic.
4. Click either the Mark button or the Mark All button.
Use the Mark button when you want to mark only instances that you think will most benefit the
reader. Use the Mark All button to seek out and flag all instances of the text in your document, to
create an index entry for every single one.
When you mark an index entry, Word activates the Show/Hide command, where
characters such as spaces, paragraph marks, and tabs appear in your document. Don’t let it freak you
out. Step 7 tells you how to turn that thing off.
Because Show/Hide is on, you see Index code in the document after you mark an index item. It
looks something like this: {·XE·”pustule”·}
5. Continue scrolling your document and looking for stuff to put into the index.
The Mark Index Entry dialog box stays open, allowing you to continue to create your index:
Simply select text in the document and then click the Mark Index Entry dialog box. The selected text
appears in the Main Entry box. Click the Mark or Mark All button to continue building the index.
6. Click the Close button when you’re done.
The Mark Index Entry dialog box disappears.
7. Press Ctrl+Shift+8 to cancel the Show/Hide command.
Use the 8 key on the keyboard, not on the numeric keypad.
Create the index
After marking bits and pieces of text for inclusion in the index, the next step is to create the index.
Do this:
1. Position the insertion pointer where you want the index to appear.
If you want the index to start on a new page, create a new page in Word (see Chapter
13 ) . I also recommend putting the index at the end of your document, which is what the reader
2. Choose the Insert Index button from the Index group on the References tab.
The Index dialog box appears. Here are my recommendations:
• The Print Preview window is misleading. It shows how your index will look but doesn’t use
your actual index contents.
• Use the Formats drop-down list to select a style for your index. Just about any choice from
this list is better than the From Template example.
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