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In Depth Information
Chapter 22
Here Come the Graphics
In This Chapter
Inserting a graphic or an image into a document
Playing with WordArt
Adding an image caption
Removing images
Making text wrap around an image
Changing the size of an image
Cropping an image
Modifying an image’s appearance
Working with multiple images
If you want your document to have pictures, you may believe that you can write a thousand words
and they will suffice. But believe me, doing such a thing would be more effort than it’s worth. That’s
because Word easily lets you slap down images and pictures and even draw and edit graphics right
there amidst the plain old boring text in your document. This chapter explains how it works.
Word lets you use graphics from any other graphics program you have in Windows. Use those
other programs to create and refine an image, save the image using that program, and then put it
into Word as described in this chapter.
The more images you add in Word, the more sluggish it becomes. My advice: Write
first. Add graphics last. Save often.
Graphical Goobers in Your Text
When you feel the urge, when your text is just plain lonely, or when you want to push Word’s abilities
to the wall, you can stick a graphical goober into your document. This section highlights what you
can do with graphics in Word.
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