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The Shape Outline button sets the color for the line that defines the shape.
Set the shape’s line thickness by choosing the Weight submenu from the Shape Outline button’s
To stick a picture into the shape, effectively making it a picture frame, click the
Shape Fill button and choose Picture from the menu. Use the Select Picture dialog box to hunt
down an image to place into the shape.
Adding some WordArt
Perhaps the most overused graphic that’s stuck into any Word document is WordArt. It’s quite
popular. If you haven’t used it yourself, you’ve probably seen it in a thousand documents, fliers, and
international treaties. Here’s how it works:
1. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click the WordArt button to display the WordArt
2. Choose a style from the gallery for your WordArt.
A WordArt graphic placeholder appears in your document.
3. Type the (short and sweet) text that you want WordArt-ified.
Your bit of text appears as an image in your document. Yes, even though it’s text, it’s also a
graphical element and can be edited and changed as described elsewhere in this chapter.
Including a caption
Some graphics are used as text decorations, other graphics are extensions of your text. To best
reference such an image, you should add a caption. The caption’s text can identify the image with boring
text (“Figure 1”), or it can explain what’s in the image (“John touches the plant that he swore to us
was not poison sumac”).
To add a caption to an image, heed these steps:
1. Click to select the graphic.
2. From the References tab’s Captions group, click the Insert Caption button.
The Captions dialog box appears.
3. In the Caption text box, type the figure caption text.
Windows supplies the figure number in the form of the text, Figure 1 . You cannot remove that
reference, but you can place a check mark in the Exclude Label From Caption box to shrink it
down to just a number.
4. Choose a position for the caption from the Position drop-down list.
The caption position is relative to the figure.
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