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Options button, as shown in the margin (refer to Figure 22-1 ) . This section describes some of the
popular choices.
Wrapping text around an image
The most common way to place an image in your text is to wrap the text around the image. Heed
these steps to create an image in your document with text wrapping:
1. Place the image into your document.
Refer to earlier sections in this chapter. At this point, the specific image placement doesn’t matter.
2. Click the image so that its handles and various options appear, shown earlier, in Figure 22-1 .
3. Click the Layout Options button.
Word features four options in the text wrapping area that deal specifically with keeping text away
from the image: Square, Tight, Through, and Top and Bottom. Refer to Table 22-1 for specifics.
4. Choose a text wrapping option.
Examine your image and the text to see whether it wraps the way you like. If it doesn’t, repeat these
steps and choose another setting in Step 3.
To remove text wrapping, choose the In Line with Text option from Step 3.
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