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Floating an image
When you want an image to be placed in your document independently of the text, you float the
image, either behind the text or in front of the text. It’s cinchy: Follow the steps from the preceding
section, but choose either the Behind Text or In Front of Text option.
After choosing either Behind Text or In Front of Text, you see the image released from the confines
of the text. The image floats freely, either behind or in front of your text. You can drag the image
anywhere to position it.
Moving an image hither and thither
You can lug around graphics in a document as easily as you move text. Consider the
graphic as a block, or a single large character , and simply drag it by using the mouse: As you point the
mouse at the image, it changes to a four-way arrow, as shown in the margin. At that point, you can
drag the image nigh and yon.
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