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In Depth Information
How the graphic sits with your text (covered in the preceding section) determines where
and how you can move it. When an image floats behind your text, you may need to “open
up” a spot so that you can grab the image. To do so, press the Enter key a few times by the
image or on the same line. After moving the image, delete the extra blank paragraphs created
by pressing the Enter key.
Try not to point the mouse at one of the image’s handles and drag (refer to Figure 22-1 . )
When you do, you end up resizing the image rather than moving it.
Attaching an image to some text
Some images need to move with the text, and other images need to stay at a specific spot on the
page to make things look right. You can choose which way you want your images placed and switch
between those ways at any time.
To unattach an image from text, select the image and click the Layout Options button. Choose the
setting Fix Position on Page. The image becomes stuck on the page at that position, with the text
moving up or down around it as you edit.
To attach an image to text, choose the command Move with Text from the Layout Options button
menu. The image moves up and down the page as you write and edit.
To keep an image associated with a specific chunk of text, use the Anchor icon, as
shown in the margin. Drag the icon by the paragraph that references the image. That way, if the
paragraph moves to another page, the image moves with it.
Choose the Behind Text or In Front of Text layout setting when you attempt to keep an image
on a specific page, unattached to any text.
Image Editing
I hope you follow my earlier advice in this chapter and prepare your images before you slap them
down in Word. That’s because Word lets you work with graphics, even though it’s not a graphics
program. Still, Word offers some touch-up features for dealing with a document’s illustrations. This
section offers some suggestions.
Use Word’s Undo command, Ctrl+Z, to undo any image editing boo-boos.
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