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Figure 22-3: Working with multiple images.
Arranging multiple images
New images are plunked down on a page one atop the other. You don’t notice this arrangement
unless two images overlap (refer to Figure 22-3 ) . When you’re displeased with the overlapping, you
can change the order of an image by selecting it and using the Bring to Front and Send to Back
buttons in the Format tab’s Arrange group.
To help you keep multiple images lined up, use the Align button’s menu. After selecting
multiple images, choose an alignment option. For example, in Figure 22-3 , using the Align Middle
command sets the eyeballs on the face image. Further, the Align Selected Objects option was chosen
from the menu to ensure that the objects align with each other and not with the edge of the page or
the paragraph’s margins.
To align objects to the page’s edge, choose the option Align to Page from the Align menu. With
this setting on, images can be aligned with the page’s edge by using the Align menu.
To line up a caption box below an image, ensure that the setting Align Selected
Objects is chosen from the Align menu. Start by selecting both the image and its caption and then
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