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choose the Align Center option. You might also want to group the image and its caption, as
discussed in the next section.
The Distribute Horizontally and Distribute Vertically commands on the Align menu can help
you evenly space out a row or column of images.
Grouping images
When you cobble together a complex image using smaller pieces, or when you arrange shapes or
pictures — or an image and its caption — keep those items together. That way, you can move them
as a single unit, copy and paste, or apply image effects. The trick is to group the separate items into
a single object.
To group images in your document, select the images and then choose the Group command
from the Group Objects menu. The images are then treated as a unit, such as the face shown in Fig-
ure 23-3 , which is a collection of individual Word shapes.
To ungroup, click on the grouped images and then choose the Ungroup command from the Group
Objects menu.
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