Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Chapter 23
Fun with the Insert Tab
In This Chapter
Typing nonbreaking spaces and hyphens
Inserting foreign language characters
Getting at special symbol characters
Breaking up text with a text box
Creating dynamic text with fields
Inserting the date and time into your text
If inserting weird and wonderful things into a document weren’t a vital part of using Word, the
program wouldn’t sport the Insert tab on the Ribbon. Further, the Insert tab is the second tab over, next to
the preeminent Home tab. The Insert tab isn’t over at the far-right end, down there with the oddball
Review and View tabs. Verily, inserting stuff into your document is a worthwhile endeavor.
Characters Fun and Funky
The computer’s keyboard lets you type all 26 letters of the alphabet — plus, numbers 1 through 9 and
0, a smattering of symbols, and punctuation thingies. That’s a lot to type, and some authors spend
their entire lives weaving those characters into a tapestry of text heretofore unseen in literary history.
As if that weren’t enough, you can sprinkle even more characters into your document, spicing it up
like garlic in a salad. Foreign language letters, symbols — all sorts of fun stuff is covered in this
Nonbreaking spaces and hyphens
Two unique characters in a document are the space and the hyphen. These characters are special
because Word uses either of them to wrap a line of text: The space splits a line between two words, and
the hyphen (using hyphenation) splits a line between a word’s syllables.
Sometimes, however, you don’t want a line to be split by a space or a hyphen. For example, splitting
a phone number is bad — you want the phone number to stay intact. And you may desire to have two
words that are separated by a space to be stuck together like glue. For those times, you need
unbreakable characters.
To prevent the hyphen character from breaking a line, press Ctrl+Shift+- (hyphen).
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