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Chapter 24
Multiple Documents, Windows, and
File Formats
In This Chapter
Working with more than one document at a time
Comparing documents side by side
Seeing one document in two windows
Splitting the screen
Opening a non-Word document
Converting older Word documents
Word is flexible. If Word were a person, I’m sure it could bend over and touch its toes, lick the end of
its nose, and possibly even stick its own elbow into its ear — all at once. You never get to see that
(thankfully), but you can see how Word is flexible when it comes to playing with documents: Word
can open and display multiple documents, work with a single document in multiple windows, and
even toy with multiple document formats.
Multiple Document Mania
You need not limit your word processor usage to toiling with a single document in a single window.
Oh, no! You can open multiple documents, you can work on the lot, you can even split a document in
a window or open a single document in two or more windows. It’s not impossible. It’s not insane. It’s
covered in this section.
Opening several documents at once
It’s not a question of whether Word can work on more than one document at a time. No, it’s a
question of how you open those documents. Let me count the ways:
Just keep using the Open command to open documents. (See Chapter 8 .) No official limit
exists on the number of documents Word can have open, though I would avoid having too many
open (more than ten or so), because they slow down your computer.
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