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A quick and handy way to review two documents is to arrange them side by side in two windows
and lock their scrolling so that you can peruse both at one time. Here’s how to accomplish this trick:
1. Open both documents.
2. On the View tab, in the Window group, click the View Side by Side button.
Word instantly arranges both documents in vertical windows, with the current document on the
left and the other on the right.
3. Scroll either document.
Scrolling one document also scrolls the other. In this mode, you can compare two different or
similar documents.
You can disable synchronous scrolling by clicking the Synchronous Scrolling button,
found in the Window group.
4. When you’re done, choose View Side by Side again.
Refer to Chapter 26 , which tells how to detect changes made to a document.
Viewing the same document in multiple windows
A handy document-viewing trick — especially long documents — is to open a single document in
two windows. This trick makes writing and editing easier than hopping back and forth within the
same document window and potentially losing your place.
To open a second window on a single document, click the View tab. In the Window group, click the
New Window button. A second window opens, showing the current document. You can confirm that
the same document is in two windows by checking the window’s title bar: The first window’s
filename is followed by :1 , and the second window’s filename is followed by :2 .
When you no longer need the second window, simply close it. You can close either window :1 or
:2 ; it doesn’t matter. Closing the second window merely removes that view. The document is still
open and available for editing in the other window.
Even though two windows are open, you’re still working on only one document.
The changes you make in one window are updated in the second.
This feature is useful for cutting and pasting text or graphics between sections of a long
You can even open a third window by choosing the New Window command again.
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