Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
In the Save As dialog box, the drop-down list is named Save As Type. It lists file formats you
can use to save your document in addition to Word’s own Word Document file type. Even so:
The best way to save a file in another format is to use the Export command, discussed in
Chapter 9 .
Basic document opening and saving information is found in Chapter 8 .
Later sections explain how to use the file type menus.
The standard Word document format is named DOCX, after the filename extension
Word applies to documents you save. The older Word document format was the DOC format,
used by Word versions 2003 and earlier.
Opening a non-Word document
Word can magically open and display a host of weird, non-Word documents. Here’s how it works:
1. Press the Ctrl+O key combination to summon the Open screen.
2. Choose Computer.
Or you can choose SkyDrive to hunt down files shared on the Internet.
3. Click the Browse button to bring forth the Open dialog box.
4. Choose a file format from the menu button.
The menu button has no label, though it might say All Word Documents, as shown in Figure 24-1 .
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