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The joy of collapsible headers
One benefit of using Word’s header styles is that you can work with any document as an outline without
entering Outline view. Word displays tiny triangle buttons by a heading-style paragraph. You can click that
button to expand or collapse the heading and all its contents — including any subheadings.
The main difference between viewing a document as an outline and using the heading-style triangle
buttons is that only the Outlining tab gives you the commands to collapse all headings or show only a certain
heading level. That’s fine, because any document can be viewed in Outline view.
Rearranging topics
The beauty of creating an outline on a computer is that you can not only promote and demote topics
but also shuffle them around and reorganize them as your thought process becomes more organized.
To move a topic, click the mouse so that the insertion pointer is blinking inside that topic. Then
choose one of these techniques to rearrange it:
Click the Move Up button (or press Alt+Shift+ ) to move a topic up a line.
Click the Move Down button (or press Alt+Shift+ ) to move a topic down a line.
The mouse can also lug topics around. The secret is to drag the topic by its circle. When
the mouse is positioned just right, the mouse pointer changes to a four-way arrow (see the margin). I
recommend using this trick only when you’re moving topics around a short distance; dragging with
the mouse beyond the current screen can prove unwieldy.
Subtopics are moved with a topic only when the topic is collapsed. When the topic is
expanded (open), then only that line is moved.
Expanding and contracting topics
Unless you tell Word otherwise, it displays all topics in your outline, from top to bottom —
everything. That’s fine for the details, but as your outline grows, you may want to see only part of
the picture — perhaps a grand overview of only the main topics or only Level 2 topics. That’s done
by expanding and contracting portions of the outline.
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