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A topic with subtopics has a plus sign in its circle. To collapse the topic and temporarily
hide its subtopics, click the Collapse button or press Alt+Shift+_ (underline). You can also
doubleclick the plus sign with the mouse to collapse a topic.
To expand a collapsed topic, click the Expand button or press Alt+Shift++ (plus sign).
Again, you can also click the plus sign with the mouse to expand a collapsed topic.
Rather than expand and collapse topics all over, you can view your outline at any level by choosing
that level from the Show Level drop-down list. For example, choose Level 2 from the list so that
only Level 1 and Level 2 topics are displayed; Levels 3 and higher are hidden.
When a topic is collapsed and it has subtopics, you see a fuzzy line extend over the last part of
the topic text (refer to Figure 25-1 ) .
To see the entire outline, choose Show All Levels from the Show Level drop-down
list on the Outlining tab.
If you have wordy topic levels, you can direct Word to display only the first topic line by
clicking to put a check mark by the Show First Line Only option, found on the Outlining tab in the
Outline Tools group.
Printing an outline
Printing an outline works just like printing any other document in Word. But because it’s an outline,
there’s one difference: Only the topics that are visible in the outline are printed.
For example, if you want to print only the first two levels of your outline, choose Level 2 from the
Show Level drop-down list. To print the entire outline, choose All Levels from the Show Level
drop-down list. Whatever option is chosen determines how many levels are printed.
The outline isn’t printed with indents, though it’s printed using the heading styles of each topic
See Chapter 9 for more information on printing documents in Word.
The outline shortcut-key summary box
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