Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
I like using shortcut keys whenever possible. You may be the same way, in which case you’ll enjoy using
the following keyboard shortcuts when you’re dealing with an outline:
Key Combo
What It Does
Demotes a topic
Promotes a topic
Shifts a topic up one line
Shifts a topic down one line
Inserts or demotes a topic to body text
Displays only top topics
Displays first- and second-level topics
Displays all topics up to a number you specify
Displays all topics
Alt+Shift++ (plus sign) Displays all subtopics in the current topic
Alt+Shift+_ (underline) Hides all subtopics in the current topic
Novels and Other Large Documents
The first novel I wrote (and never published, of course) was several hundred pages long. It was
saved as a single document. That length works because Word documents can be any length, but
putting everything into one document that way is impractical. Moving around the document takes
forever, and rearranging text is cumbersome.
A better solution for long documents is to keep each chapter, or large chunk, as its own file. You can
then take advantage of Word’s Master Document feature to put everything together when it comes
time to print or publish.
The master document stitches together all individual documents, or subdocuments, even
continuing page numbers, headers, footers, and other ongoing elements. The end result is a large
document that you can print or publish.
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