Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Split a document at a natural break within the document, such as at a new main header
(Heading 1 style).
2. Cut the selected block.
I press Ctrl+X to cut the block.
3. Summon a new, blank document.
Ctrl+N does the trick.
4. Paste in the portion of the first document you cut in Step 2.
Press Ctrl+V to paste. If the text doesn’t paste in with the proper formatting, click the
Paste Options button and then choose Keep Source Formatting (shown in the margin).
5. Save both documents.
You now have two documents where you started with one.
Dan’s Writing Tips
Nothing beats advice from someone who has been there and done that. As a professional writer, I’m
excited to pass along my tips, tricks, and suggestions to any budding scrivener. That’s why I wrote
this section.
Finding the best word
When two words share the same meaning, they’re said to be synonyms — for example, big and
large. Synonyms are helpful in that they allow you to find better, more descriptive words and,
especially, to avoid using the same tired old words over and over. Obviously, knowing synonyms is a
handy skill for any writer.
To find the synonym of any word, right-click the word in your document. From the
popup menu, choose the Synonyms submenu to see a list of words that have a similar meaning.
Choosing a word from the menu replaces the word you right-clicked in your document.
To see more alternatives than are displayed on the Synonyms submenu, choose the Thesaurus
item. The Thesaurus pane opens up, listing lots of alternative words.
The keyboard shortcut for opening the Thesaurus pane is Shift+F7.
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