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In Depth Information
To insert a word from the Thesaurus pane, right-click the word and choose the Insert
Antonyms, or words that mean the opposite of the selected word, might also appear on the
Synonyms submenu.
Not all words have synonyms. If so, the Synonyms submenu displays (No Suggestions) .
Oh, well.
Writing for writers
Here’s a smattering of tips for any writer using Word:
You’ll notice that, thanks to AutoFormat, Word fixes ellipses for you.When you type three
periods in a row, Word inserts the ellipsis character: . . . Don’t correct it! Word is being proper.
When you don’t use the ellipsis character, be sure to separate the three periods with spaces.
You can format paragraphs by separating them with a space or by indenting the first line of each
paragraph. Use one or the other, not both.
Keep the proper heading formats: Heading 1, Heading 2, and so on. Or create your own heading
styles that properly use the Outline Level format. That way, you can easily create a table of
contents as well as use other Word features that display headings in your documents.
Use Outline mode to collect your thoughts. Keep filling in the outline and organizing your
thoughts. When you find yourself writing text-level topics, you’re ready to write.
Use the soft return (Shift+Enter) to split text into single lines. I use the soft return to break up
titles and write return addresses, and I use it at other times when text must appear one line at a
Word is configured to select text one word at a time. This option isn’t always best for writers,
where it sometimes pays to select text by character, not by word. To fix that setting, from the
File tab menu, choose Options. In the Options dialog box, click the Advanced item and then
remove the check mark by the item When Selecting, Automatically Select Entire Word. Click
Refer to Chapter 21 for information on footnotes and endnotes, often required for serious
Making every word count
You pay the butcher by the pound. The dairyman is paid by the gallon. Salesmen are paid by a
percentage of their sales. Writers? They’re paid by the word.
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