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To remove highlighting from your text, you can highlight it again in the same color, which erases it.
Or you can choose None as the highlight color and then drag the mouse over any color of
highlighted text to remove the highlight.
Highlighting isn’t the background color. It is its own text format.
You can also highlight a block of text by first marking the block and then clicking the Highlight
button that appears on the Mini toolbar.
The highlighted text prints, so be careful with it. If you don’t have a color printer,
highlighted text prints in black or gray on hard copy.
Marking with digital ink
When the urge to draw on a document hits you, or you have a touchscreen monitor or a Tablet PC
with a digital stylus, you can whip out Word’s ink tools: On the Review tab, click the Start Inking
button. The document’s view changes to All Markup (with comments to the right of the page), and
the Ink Tools Pens tab appears.
Choose a pen from the Pens gallery and start drawing on the screen. The object you draw becomes a
graphical thingie in your document, which is saved and even prints. You can draw with the mouse,
or with your finger on a touchscreen monitor.
To switch back to text-editing mode, click the Stop Inking button on the Ink Tools Pens tab.
To remove an ink — uh, stain — on the page, click the Eraser button and then click on the ink
Word treats the ink objects you draw just like they’re images. You can wrap text around them,
move them, rotate them, and so on. See Chapter 22 for details.
If the Start Inking button is disabled (if you can’t click it), click the mouse in your document’s
You may not have the ability to use the Start Inking button if your PC lacks a multitouch
monitor or is running under Windows 7.
Look What They’ve Done to My Text, Ma
I’m elated when someone comments on my text. The feedback is good. But then, oftentimes, those
so-called literary critics — nay, mortal enemies of the pen — descend upon the text with their
viperous scissors and cruel word choices. Sometimes, those who change (they say “edit”) text are vicious;
their modifications are odiously obvious. At other times, the modifications are satanically subtle.
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