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Figure 27-2: Making a recipient list.
6. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.
The keyboard shortcut for the Yes button is the Y key. Oh, and the keyboard shortcut for the
Delete button (refer to Step 5) is D. Typing D and then Y deletes the selected field.
7. Repeat Steps 4 through 6 for each field you don’t need.
After removing the excess fields, your next step is to add the fields you need — if any.
Whether it appears in the message body or not, you need the Email_Address field
when you’re merging an e-mail message. Word uses this field so that it knows where to send the
message. Don’t delete the field!
Rather than delete all fields, you can rename some fields to match what you need:
Select a field and click the Rename button. For example, I renamed First Name to First ;
Last Name to Last ; and so on.
8. To add a field that’s needed in your document, click the Add button.
The teeny Add Field dialog box pops into view.
9. Type the field name and click the OK button.
Follow these rules for naming fields:
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