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3. Click the Edit button.
You can now use the Edit Data Source dialog box to edit each record in the recipient list or to add
or remove columns and perform other chaos. The Edit Data Source dialog box looks and works
just like the New Address List dialog box (refer to Figure 27-2 ) .
Click the Delete Entry button to remove a record.
Click the New Entry button to create a new record.
Click the Customize Columns button to delete, add, or rename fields.
4. Click the OK button when you’re done editing.
5. Click the Yes button to save any changes.
6. Click the OK button to dismiss the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box.
This technique doesn’t work when you create a recipient list from a Word document. (See the earlier
sidebar, “Making a recipient list document.”) In that case, you must open the document and edit the
list by using Word’s table tools. See Chapter 19 .
Fold in the Fields
A main document and a handy recipient list are two separate things. To make them work together,
and make the mail merge happen, you must mix the two. This process involves inserting fields from
the recipient list into the main document. Here’s how it works:
1. Select some ALL CAPS text from a field placeholder in the main document.
I assume that you followed my advice from the earlier section, “Creating a mail merge letter,” and
used ALL CAPS placeholders to insert fields in your document. If not (if you’re creating an
envelope, for example), click the mouse button to place the insertion pointer wherever you want to
insert the field.
2. Use the Insert Merge Field menu to stick the proper field into the document.
Clicking the Insert Merge Field command button displays a menu of fields according to
the recipient list associated with the main document. Choose the proper field to insert into your
After the field is inserted, you see its name appear in the document, hugged by angle brackets,
such as <<First>> for the First field. This field would replace the capitalized text FIRST in
the document.
3. Continue adding fields until the document is complete.
Repeat Steps 1 and 2 as necessary to stick all fields into your document.
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