Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
4. Click the OK button to print your documents.
5. Save and close your document.
See Chapter 9 for more information on printing documents in Word.
Most printers require special feeding for envelopes. A printer usually has an envelope
slot, in which you can stack a few envelopes. You may have to monitor the printer to insert
Merging to e-mail
To send out multiple e-mail messages, abide by these steps:
1. Choose Finish & Merge Send Email Messages.
The Merge to Email dialog box appears.
2. Choose the e-mail address field from the To drop-down list.
Your document’s recipient list must include an e-mail address field, whether the field is used in
the document or not. If not, go back and edit the recipient list to include the address.
3. Type a message subject line.
4. Click OK.
It looks like nothing has happened, but the messages have been placed in the Outlook outbox.
5. Open Outlook.
After you open Outlook, the messages you queued are sent, or they sit ready to be sent when you
give the command. (Whether the messages are sent right away depends on how you configured
Yes, this trick works only with Outlook, not with any other e-mail programs.
Unsolicited e-mail that’s sent to people is considered spam. Sending spam may violate
the terms of your Internet service provider’s agreement and can terminate your account. Send
mass e-mail only to people who have cheerfully agreed to receive such things from you.
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