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Chapter 28
Labels of Love
In This Chapter
Understanding labels
Printing a sheet of identical labels
Merging an address list onto mail labels
Adding graphics to your labels
One of the more esoteric Word features is its ability to print sheets of labels. The labels can all be the
same or be produced as the result of a mail merge operation. Word’s label feature works because the
labels are, at their core, merely cells in a table and, unlike most teenagers, Word has no problem
setting a table. You won’t either, after you peruse the delightful options for creating labels that are
presented in this chapter.
The Label Thing
Word isn’t a label-making program. Although it can produce labels, as shown in this chapter, it’s not
your best choice. For those times when you plan to print labels, I highly recommend that you use a
label-design program, one specifically geared to print labels — perhaps even some type of database
program that lets you manage simple lists as well.
Word prints on labels just as it prints on any sheet of paper. Basically, Word puts a table on the page,
making each cell the same size as the sticky labels. Word then fills the cells with information, which
fits snugly on each label. When the sheet emerges from the printer, you have a bunch of labels for
your peeling-and-sticking pleasure.
Label printer paper can be found wherever office supplies are sold. Label paper comes in
packages thin and thick, with various label layouts and designs.
You must buy label paper compatible with your printer. Laser printers need special laser printer
labels. Some inkjet printers require special, high-quality paper to soak up the ink.
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