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Figure 28-2: The first label dictates how other labels are formatted.
9. From the Write & Insert Fields group, click the Update Labels button.
Word populates the remaining cells in the table with the same fields. This is why you check the
layout in Step 8: If you find a mistake now, you have to fix every dang-doodle label rather than a
single label.
10. Choose the proper command from the Finish & Merge button’s menu:
To save the document and print, choose Edit Individual Documents.
To print only, choose Print Documents.
11. Click OK in the Merge to Print dialog box or the Merge to New Document dialog box.
12. Save. Print. Whatever.
If a new document opens, save it. You can then use it over and over and print it any time you like.
When you choose to print the labels, click OK in the Print dialog box to start printing. (Be sure that
the printer is loaded with as many sheets of labels as required.)
A Label Trick with Graphics
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