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It’s possible to add a graphical image to a mailing label. You can do it to a sheet of labels that are
identical or when you’re merging names from an address list. I recommend reading Chapter 22 , on
using graphics in Word, before you proceed.
To stick a graphical image into your list of labels, work Steps 1 through 5 from the preceding
section. What you do next depends on whether you’re merging an address list or simply making a sheet
of identical labels.
When you’re merging in an address list, follow Steps 6 through 8 from the preceding section.
When you’re creating a sheet of identical labels, simply type and format the label that you want
in the table’s first cell, such as your own name and address to be used for return address labels.
After making your label, either from an address list’s Merge fields or by typing plain text, you’re
ready to add the graphical image: Click the Insert tab and use the Picture button to insert the image
— or use any of the techniques covered in Chapter 22 for sticking graphics into a Word document.
Right-click the image and choose Wrap Text Square. Resize the image and position it so
that it’s completely within the first cell in the table, as shown in Figure 28-3 .
Figure 28-3: Creating a label with an image.
When everything looks just right, click the Update Labels button on the Mailings tab. This action
populates the entire sheet, duplicating exactly what you placed in the first cell — including graphics.
Unfortunately, this graphical trick involves fooling Word’s mail-merge function. And before you can
save or print your document, you need to get rid of those <<Next Record>> fields. Here’s my
1. Carefully select the text <<Next Record>> , including the angle brackets on either side.
You have to select the whole thing; clicking only the field turns it gray. That’s not selecting! Drag
the mouse over the entire thing to select it.
2. Press Ctrl+C to copy that text.
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