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Chapter 29
A More Custom Word
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Using the Zoom command
Configuring the status bar
Changing the Quick Access toolbar
Adding new commands to the toolbar
It’s human nature to mess with things. Got a bump on your arm? Odds are good that you’ll pick at it.
Ever rearrange a room? How about jamming a puzzle piece into a spot where it doesn’t fit? Heck,
Home Depot wouldn’t exist if this innate idea to mess with it yourself didn’t exist. The same logic
can be applied to Word: You can change the way Word looks, by customizing it to the way you like.
This chapter explains what you can do.
My, What Big Text You Have!
When the information in Word’s window just isn’t big enough, don’t enlarge the font! Instead, whip
out the equivalent of a digital magnifying glass, the Zoom command. It helps you enlarge or reduce
your document, making it easier to see or giving you the Big Picture look.
You have several ways to zoom text in Word, as described in this section.
Zooming doesn’t affect how a document prints — only how it looks on the screen.
When zooming moves too far out, your text changes to shaded blocks, or greeking. Although
zooming out that far isn’t keen for editing, it gives you a good idea, before printing, of how your
document lays out on the page.
On a touchscreen display, you can pinch two fingers together to zoom in; spread your fingers
apart to zoom out.
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