Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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If you have a wheel mouse, you can zoom by pressing the Ctrl key on your keyboard
and rolling the wheel up or down. Rolling up zooms in; rolling down zooms out.
Working the status bar Zoom control
For quick-and-dirty zoom madness, use the main Zoom control. It’s on the far-right end of the status
bar, enlarged (zoomed) for your viewing pleasure in Figure 29-1 .
Figure 29-1: The Zoom control.
To make the document appear larger, slide the gizmo to the right (toward the plus sign). To make the
document appear smaller, slide the gizmo to the left. The percentage value displayed to the right of
the gizmo is the approximate ratio between the size of your document on the computer’s monitor
versus its size when printed.
Using the Zoom commands
For more specific zoom control, use the commands found in the Zoom group on the View tab,
illustrated in Figure 29-2 .
Figure 29-2: The Zoom group on the View tab.
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