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Here are the various things you can do in the Zoom group:
Click the Zoom button to display the Zoom dialog box. It gives you specific control over how
large your document appears in the window.
Click the 100% button to display your document at 100 percent magnification, basically the
same size on the screen as the document when it prints.
Use the One Page command to zoom out so that you can see the entire page on the screen. The
text is too tiny to see or edit, but you can get a good grasp of the page layout.
Use the Multiple Pages command (like the One Page command) to zoom out and show two
pages on the screen at one time. You can see more than two pages at a time by using the Many
Pages button in the Zoom dialog box.
Using the Page Width command, set the zoom level so that you see your entire document from
its left to right margins; it’s my favorite setting.
You can also display the Zoom dialog box by clicking the zoom percentage (100%)
on the status bar.
A Better Status Bar
Word’s status bar is an extremely useful gizmo, lurking at the bottom of the Word window. Chapter
1 introduces the status bar but only hints at its potential. Now it’s time to reveal all: Right-clicking
the status bar produces the helpful Customize Status Bar menu, as shown in Figure 29-3 .
The Customize Status Bar menu does two things: controls what you see on the status bar (informa-
tional tidbits as well as certain controls) and lets you turn on or off certain Word features.
From Figure 29-3 , as well as on your screen, you can see the current status for lots of optional
settings. A check mark indicates that an item is either visible or appears when necessary. To add an
item, choose it. To remove a check marked item, choose it.
Here are my thoughts:
Choosing an item from the menu doesn’t cause the menu to disappear, which is handy. To make
the menu go away, click the mouse elsewhere in the Word window.
The eight topmost items on the menu display information about your document. You can also
choose to have that information displayed on the status bar by choosing one or more of those
The Selection Mode option directs Word to display the text Extend Selection on the status bar
when you press the F8 key to select text. See Chapter 6 for more information on selecting text.
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