Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
The Overtype item places the Insert/Overtype button on the status bar. You can click this button
to easily switch between Insert and Overtype modes — if you enjoy that feature. Most Word
users prefer to use Insert mode all the time.
The last three items on the menu control whether the View buttons or Zoom shortcuts appear on
the status bar.
Figure 29-3: The Customize Status Bar menu.
Fun with the Quick Access Toolbar
Back in the old days, you could really mess with the way the Word window looked. You could add
or remove toolbars, modify toolbars, create your own toolbars, and generally use the word toolbars
over and over again until it lost its meaning. Though Word isn’t quite as flexible these days, it still
allows you to control a few specific parts of the program window, as described in the following
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