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Discovering the Quick Access toolbar
The Quick Access toolbar is a small strip of command buttons dwelling near the document
window’s title bar, as shown in Figure 29-4 . This territory is yours, free to modify at your whim and
according to your needs, as covered in this section.
Figure 29-4: The Quick Access toolbar.
The Quick Access toolbar is preset to dwell above the Ribbon, on the far-left edge of the Word
window’s title bar (refer to Figure 29-4 ) .
You can change the Quick Access toolbar’s location from above the Ribbon to below the
Ribbon and back again. To make the move, choose the command Show Below the Ribbon from the
toolbar menu (refer to Figure 29-4 ) . To move the Quick Access toolbar back atop the Ribbon,
choose the command Show Above the Ribbon.
Put the Quick Access toolbar below the Ribbon when it contains so many custom
buttons that it begins to crowd into the document’s title.
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